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A little bit ABOUT Danielle




I am a burner NOT a baker 
tea lattes - trader joes- 90 day fiancé -andy grammer


road trips - drive in movies - the beach- farmers markets- dad jokes
laundry -bullies -horror movies- mushrooms

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt




If we haven't met before, I'm Danielle, born and raised in San Diego, California and now proudly serving the North County San Diego Community!  I'm a local girl, however the last couple years I lived in TX. However, I couldn't stay away so the last couple years I have been traveling back and forth to still work with my guest.  BUT I just moved back for good, and boy am I glad to be home!


 I absolutely LOVE doing hair. I mean I get to "play" with hair all day and make friends! Now, what girl wouldn't want that?  In all seriousness I pride myself in taking the time I need to do my job the right way.  It's truly important to me and I genuinely care about making you happy and also deliver you the results you want.​

 I have had the opportunity to work on people from all over the world, the fact that I get to learn about so many different cultures all while making you feel beautiful is truly one of the best unexpected gifts I get to take away with my career. Creating beautiful hair is one thing but building relationships is a whole other level.


I take education very seriously!  The world of beauty is always changing. So, I make sure to take every opportunity to learn all the new tricks of the trade. That way I can provide you with the finest this industry has to offer!​ I am so excited to be able  to offer you a top notch experience, Whether it's a subtle change or a complete transformation. I do it all cuts, color, highlights. 

but the lived in color is my JAM.

Aside from being into all thing's hair, I'm also a lover of getting out and exploring our beautiful city.  You can probably find me at the Oceanside Sunset Market, Out with the kiddos at the park or the  San Diego Zoo, a local cooking class in Temecula, or a date with my love at our favorite "old school" movie theater  in Bonsall.


I know that life can be crazy or  busy but lets be real most of the time its just crazy busy. I get that on every level. I am in the process of adopting  my siblings, so life is in fact crazy busy.  We lost our mom last year, as hard as it has been to learn to navigate  life with out her it is such and honor  that she trusted me to take care of them. SO, all you Momma bears out there  please send any  tips of tricks to your girl.

 I'd love to meet you and share the laughter and sparkling conversations we all used to have so frequently. I am a sucker for good conversation. If you ever meet me in the salon just know I live for good conversation and I am a great secret keeper.

Do you think we would be a great match? Head over to my New Guest page to book an appointment! Hope to see you soon!





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